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Rabbi Yablok's Circumcision Technique

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Rabbi Yablok employs a modified Mogen technique for infant circumcision. His circumcision technique allows for the quickest procedure while ensuring minimal bleeding and maximum comfort. Rather than a generic one size fits all method, Rabbi Yablok’s circumcision technique is custom fit to your son’s anatomy. Parents hold the baby during the procedure and are present at all times.

Typical infant circumcision is done without a nerve block (one less painful step for the baby!). Nevertheless, Rabbi Yablok is open to the use of topical anesthetic by request. He advocates for a gentle approach, understanding the sensitivity of the procedure for both the infant and the parents. His openness to using various pain management options reflects his commitment to individual care and comfort.

The aftercare is easy and straightforward involving the simple replacement of a 3×3 gauze pad paired with a petroleum-based ointment at every diaper change. To further support the healing process, Rabbi Yablok recommends keeping the area dry and exposed to air as much as possible, which helps prevent any moisture-related complications. Naturally, Rabbi Yablok practices diaper changes with each family to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the aftercare. He also provides a detailed aftercare pamphlet that includes signs of normal healing, potential warning signs of complications, and tips for managing discomfort during the recovery period. This comprehensive approach ensures that parents feel well-informed and confident in caring for their child post-procedure.

By combining advanced circumcision techniques with tailored pain management and thorough aftercare, Rabbi Yablok ensures that the circumcision experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible for both the child and the parents. His expertise and thoughtful approach make him a trusted choice for families seeking circumcision services.