Pro Circumcision for Newborn Circumcision

Types of Circumcision

Doctor's Method vs. Holistic Method

Welcome to Pro Circumcision, the dedicated practice of Rabbi Asher Yablok, serving the New York/New Jersey tri-state area with a focus on the holistic method of circumcision.

Understanding the Distinct Approaches

In my many years of experience as a mohel, I have witnessed and deeply understood the nuances that differentiate the holistic method from the doctor’s method in performing circumcisions. These differences are not just in technique, but also in the philosophy and care that surrounds this significant life event.

The Doctor’s Method: A Clinical Perspective

Traditionally, the doctor’s method is perceived as a clinical procedure. It often takes place in a hospital or medical setting, involving more medicalized techniques and equipment. Anesthesia is commonly used, and the environment is typically less personal. While this method is efficient and widely practiced, it can sometimes feel detached, focusing more on the procedure than the emotional and spiritual significance of the moment.

The Holistic Method: A Personal and Spiritual Approach

In contrast, the holistic method, which I practice, places emphasis on the ritualistic and familial aspects of circumcision. This method is deeply rooted in tradition and focuses on making the experience as comfortable and meaningful as possible for the child and the family.
Environment: The circumcision is performed in a more intimate setting, often in the comfort of your own home. This familiar environment helps in creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere for both the child and the family. Technique: Using time-honored techniques passed down through generations, the holistic method is gentle and swift, reducing discomfort for the baby. I use specialized, sterilized tools that are designed to be as non-invasive as possible. Spiritual Significance: As a mohel, I ensure that the circumcision is not just a physical act but a spiritual journey. I incorporate prayers and blessings, making the ceremony an integral part of your family’s religious and cultural identity. Personal Care: I believe in providing personalized attention to each family. From the moment you contact me, I am available to answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and guide you through the process. The ceremony is tailored to your family’s needs, reflecting your beliefs and traditions.

Why Choose the Holistic Method?

Choosing the holistic method for circumcision is about more than just a medical procedure; it’s about embracing a centuries-old tradition that honors the significance of this important life milestone.


In my practice at Pro Circumcision, I am committed to providing a holistic, caring, and respectful experience. I understand the importance of this moment in your child’s life and am honored to be a part of it. If you are considering the holistic method for your child’s circumcision, I welcome you to contact me. Together, we can ensure that this special occasion is celebrated with the dignity, care, and respect it deserves.
Remember, circumcision types may vary, but the essence of this momentous occasion remains deeply rooted in our traditions and beliefs. I am here to guide you through this journey with compassion and expertise.